Getting the maximum loan amount when borrowing money can be a little difficult especially if you don’t understand several factors that is involved in applying for one. Generally, the main factor that you need to show is your credit rating score. Preparation is necessary when you are aiming to get the highest possible amount of loan. You need to be able to present your loan case properly and present proof of a more than average credit score and the ability to pay back the loan at the prescribed time agreement. Four factors are usually the basis of lenders when they are deciding to give you the best possible loan deal. These factors are to show the purpose of the loan, proof of your income and expenses and credit score.


Purpose of the Loan


In order to get the maximum loan amount, you have to convince the lenders that the loan purpose will require the maximum amount limit that they can give. For instance, if the loan is to purchase a piece of property, you can claim that the value of the property is worth the price because of its prime location.  Another way is for you to secure the loan with collateral of the same value or higher as that of the loan. If you can do this, you just might get the amount you need plus a low interest to go with the loan.


Proof of Income and Expenses


To get a sizable amount of loan, it is necessary to prove to the lender that your regular income is high enough to cover the cost of the loan and enough surpluses to make a consistent monthly payment on the liability. The basic rule here is for you show proof that you have a high degree of income and very low expenditure cost.




Above Average or High Credit Score Rating


Everything discussed above will be useless if your credit score is below average. Both traditional and alternative money lender singapore low interest will base their approval on how good your credit score is. If your rating is bad, it’s best that you first refrain from applying for a personal loan.